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Day 12

Last Day on Malaysia Trip, Leaving Kuala Lumpur

Sad to be awaking on our last day in Malaysia, we got everything packed and checked out of our hotel. The final destination on our list of things to do in Malaysia was to see Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown. We took a bus to Petaling Street where Chinatown is located and spent a few hours seeing the sites, eating the food and wondering in all the interesting shops. Chinatown is a well-known bargain hunter’s paradise, a place where you can find all sorts of stuff from Chinese herbs to inviting goods. Chinatown is filled with vibrant colors and people.

chinatown.jpg chinatown_street.jpg

The Next and final stop was the Kuala Lumpur International Airport where we caught an international flight back to Canada. We reflected back to our wondering memories spent travelling through beautiful Malaysia, it was an amazing trip for all of us and we will never forget the incredible culture, stunning environment and friendly people. Malaysia is a spectacular country that should be on everyone’s must-visit list!

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Day 11

Kuching to Kuala Lumpur

Another early morning, we headed to the Kuching International Airport to catch our flight the Kuala Lumpur. Once we arrived, we went straight to Heritage Row where we checked in the Shearton Imperial Hotel. After settling in we ventured to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation. The conservation was established in 1989 by the Department of wildlife and National parks. Over the past 25 years the centre has helped prevent the further declined of the elephant population by relocating more than 300 wild elephants. We took a tour in the afternoon and some of the highlights were feeding the elephants and riding on their backs!


After the incredible Elephant Tour we headed back to our hotel to get a bit of rest. Since this was our last night in Malaysia we decided to make it a good one! We hit Heritage Row, a busy, ‘happening’ lifestyle district in Kuala Lumpur, full of busy nightlife, dining and entertainment.

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Day 10

Kuching, Sarawak, Day 2

We awoke this morning and hit up a small café for some breakfast. We then headed straight to the Sarawak River where we took a River Cruise Yacht Tour down the scenic shores. We had amazing views of many historical landmarks such as; Square Tower which was formerly a prison, views of the mulit-purpose market and the Old State Mosque. We saw the Satok Suspensin Bridge and then headed to the other side of the river to see the Astana, Fort Margherita and a fishing villiage.



After the boat we hopped off and did some wondering around the town. We then decided to take our last afternoon to relax and catch some rays at Damai Beach!

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Day 9

Kuching, Sarawak

Awaking early at (7am) we hit the road again. Driving along the Sarawak coast was beautiful, the scenery was amazing. About 7 hours later we arrived into our final Sarawak destination, Kuching.

In Kuching’s city center we visited several historical buildings that date back to the Brooke dynasty. We saw the oldest Chinese temple in Kuching which is the Tua Pek Kong Temple built pre 1839, also the Chinese History Museum, formerly Chinese Community Courthouse and St Thomas Cathedral built in 1857.

Just around the corner was the hotel we stayed in, The Harbour View Hotel which is also located directly on the Kuching waterfront of the Sarawak River.


The good thing about being in the city centre is that you get all kinds of food to choose from. Just around the block, there are a few Chinese Cafes where you can dine on inexpensive and delicious local food like Wan Tan Mee, Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa and Mee Jawa.

We ate at the Khatulistwa Restaurant located right on the waterfront, this was an unmistakably a unique building whose menu is equally remarkable. The creative architectural style of the Khatulistwa restaurant suggests it is a small museum but upon discovering it is a restaurant affording magnificent views of the Sarawak River, it was difficult to pass without sampling the mouthwatering menu!

This menu included the dish called Manok Pansoh, a Sarawak specialty. It originates from the Iban Community. It is chicken meat cut into small pieces and pushed inside a bamboo tube together with mushrooms, lemongrass, tapioca leaves & local seasoning; it is then cooked over an open fire sealing in all its natural flavours and produces an aromatic tenderly cooked chicken that will astound your tastebuds. We also tried the national drink teh tarik meaning "pulled tea", named after the theatrical 'pulling' motion used to pour it. We absolutely looooved them both!


Later that evening we took a stroll down to the waterfront boardwalk stretch which is the Main Bazaar and oldest street in Kuching. Here we shopped for antiques, crafts and local treasures. We found some interesting silverware which we then learned was a common Malaysian keepsake. To the Malay’s, in the past, silverware was linked to the social status of a person. It signifies wealth and power during the time of the Malay aristocracy in the Malacca Sutanate. It is made by hammering the silver and decorated with patterns of flora and fauna motifs.

The items that are most commonly produced are silver rose bowls, jewellery boxes, bolster ends, belt buckles, and betelnut set. Kaleigh and Rylee bought really nice belt buckles and I bought a beautiful jewellery box!

We spent the rest of the night enjoying the light warm breeze and the gentle waves of the river.

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Day 8

Turtle Island's to Miri & Cruising Down The Sarawak Coast

We got up early this morning to catch our flights from Sandakan to Miri, we took a speed boat ride back to main land Sabah. Miri is a city in northern Sarawak, Malaysia, and is the second largest city in Sarawak. After 36 minutes in the air we arrived into Miri’s International Airport, we headed straight to pick up our car rental because we were starting our road trip to Kuching in southern Sarawalk.
First on our stop was the much anticipated Crocodile Farm in Miri! It is the first and the largest crocodile sanctuary in the northern region of Sarawak and there are more than 1,000 salt and fresh water crocodiles in 22 acres of a landscaped setting with natural breeding enclosures sanctuary ponds. We watched crocodile feedings and even scarier, a crocodile trainer kissed crocodiles and even stuck his head in the crocodile’s mouth, he was demonstrating the bond they have made, but you could definitely tell the crowd was still extremely fearful that the crocodile would bite his head off!


After a few hours of hanging with the crocodiles we decided it was time to hit the road again. Our next stop was in Niah, about an hour and half drive south from Miri. We headed to the Niah National Park and paid an entrance fee of 10.00RM per adult, we explored the Great Caves that are known all around the world for having some of the oldest human remains found in South East Asia; they date back to over 40,000 years ago. Niah National Park is a combination of nature, history and living culture. The caves are located within a mixture of peat forest, marshland, kerangas and lowland dipterocarp forest of Sarawak. It is home to a variety of insects, bats, bird, macaques, mouse dears, hornbills, flying lizards and other reptiles.


After the Niah National Park we packed up and continued on driving south along the coast stopping at various stops to take pictures and stretch our legs. A few hours later we arrived into the city of Bintulu, which is about half way between Miri and Kuching. We decided to save money by camping out on the Tanjung Batu Beach Campground for the night. This is where we at the campground. We walked around the beach, snapped some beautiful sunset pictures and went to bed!


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